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Feel Good About The Meat You Eat

About Us

KOL Foods provides the only source of 100% grass-fed, glatt-kosher, domestic beef in the USA. We are also the only source for glatt-kosher, organically-fed, pastured chicken, turkey and duck. Additionally we offer glatt-kosher, 100% grass-fed domestic lamb and wild caught Alaskan salmon. All of our land animals are raised on small family farms.

Our products connect you. They connect you to tradition, to the land, to a sustainable future, and to good health for your friends and family. Healthy animals should eat what they were created to eat and live free on pasture. It should come as no surprise that this balance with nature results in not only healthy and environmentally and ethically sound meat, but delicious flavor. We think that you will enjoy the meals you serve all the more when you feel good about the meat you eat.

Honest & healthy. Sustainable & Humane. Deliciously mouthwatering. We help you balance modern & traditional values. The kosher world is not free of the bewilderment and fear surrounding our meat, but at KOL Foods we come close. In an age when it takes an investigative reporter to clarify where your meat comes from, we are committed to telling its honest story. We want you to know and trust that each animal is raised in the traditional, environmentally-friendly way, on open fields. We are committed to kashrut, sustainability, transparency, animal welfare, your health and offering the most delicious meat on the market. And with our home delivery, we are convenient to boot! KOL Foods is what kosher should be.

At KOL Foods, we know our animals and our farmers and tell you their story. We are committed to transparency, sustainability, animal welfare, your health and offering the most delicious meat on the market!

EMAIL US: info@kolfoods.com
WEBSITE: www.kolfoods.com
Questions? Feedback? Suggestions?
Please be in touch!

(888) 366-3565

We are open 24 hours a day except during Shabbat and Yom Tov.

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