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Consumer Reports on the “Pasture-Raised” label

Consumer Reports writes, “‘pasture-raised’ has no rules, no formal definition, no regulation, and therefore no enforcement behind it. And just like ‘free range,’ a term which likely started out as a legitimate claim and now has come to mean very little, ‘pasture-raised’ may be on the verge of mass appeal—and the eventual dilution that comes with it.” Read more.u


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Passover is early, spring is late, and I want local foods at my seder. Help!

KOL Foods local, grassfed kosher meat is in today’s Washington Post Food Section which also features two of our Passover duck and lamb recipes. Did you know that we have quite a large online cookbook?


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Arab-Israeli Relations in a Butcher Shop

Our Mashgiah and the USDA inspector banter back and forth in Arabic. The USDA inspector, a soft spoken, smiley man is asking what the mashgiah is doing while he works on our meat. They are clearly having a fun conversation about the technicalities of kosher butchering. I am curious. “Where are you from?” I ask the inspector. “Egypt,” he says. I know our mashgiach is from Israel but his family is originally Iraqi, so he speaks both Arabic and Hebrew along with a multitude of other languages (Spanish is the other one floating around our butcher shop today). “We are supposed to be enemies!” the inspector says to me jokingly. It warms my heart – among all the different backgrounds in the butcher shop today, we all have a common goal – making 100% grassfed meat kosher.IMG_1716IMG_1714